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Séjour linguistique - Cairo

Studying Arabic and travelling abroad to Cairo, Egypt is the best way to truly improve your Arabic language skills.

More and more students are studying Arabic as a foreign language. It is a decidedly complex language, extremely different from modern western languages, with text that reads from right to left and characters and an alphabet that have nothing to do with the western alphabet. With approximately 280 million native speakers and 250 million non-native speakers, it is the official language of 25 countries and ranked number 3, after English and French.

With its many dialects, it can be difficult to know where to go to study the language. This is why we have chosen Cairo as a destination for learning Arabic. Cairo is home to the Academy of the Arabic Language, a entity which regulates the evolution and use of what is called Modern Standard Arabic. MSA is the most widely-spoken dialect, the written language, and understandable to most educated native Arabic speakers world-wide.

Cairo, or al-Qahira (The Victorious), is the capital of Egypt and the larges city in Africa. With a population of almost 6.8 million in the city "propre", it is a sprawling metropolis that will take your breath away. Modern mixes with ancient in this city, as it is known today, that dates back to the first century A.D. It is a city that has seen wars, revolutions, military take overs, fallen empires and modern expansion. It is brimming with history, culture, exciting things to see (like the Ancient Pyramids, the Sphinx and Giza).

Our language school will welcome you to Cairo, help you improve your language skills and help you discover the many wonderous things to see in this fascinating Middle-Eastern capital.

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